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Trevor Farnsworth

Game Designer & Programmer



Current Projects

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Bullet Ball is a fast-paced FPS soccer game.


Players sprint around the field, using their chargeshot guns to send the ball flying into the opponents goal.

Forge Frenzy is a Co-op blacksmith game, inspired by Overcooked.


Scramble around smelting ores and hammering swords, working together to fulfill orders before time runs out.

Lockdown is a top-down shooter with rougelike elements.


Shoot your way through sets of randomly generated levels, collecting weapons and powerups, trying to make it as far as you can through the locked down facility.

Loot Roll

Loot Roll is a tabletop card game where you party up with friends to explore dungeons, fight monsters, roll for loot, and screw each other over, all while trying to become the richest adventurer in the land.

So far I've created rules/instructions for playing the game (click on image to view) as well as a list of cards with stats/abilities. I'm currently working on creating a physical deck so that I can playtest and make adjustments to the cards and rules.

Current ProjectsMobile


My name is Trevor Farnsworth and I’m a game designer and programmer. I'm a graduate of George Mason University where I majored in Computer Game Design, with a minor in Computer Science.

I’m currently living in Schenectady, NY working as a Senior QA Tester for Vicarious Visions. I also work on personal projects and create games with a small team of friends. My goal is to work as a designer, creating fun and exciting gameplay for players to enjoy.

When designing, I mostly work in Unity, but I have experience in other engines such as UE4. I’ve worked on physical tabletop and card games as well, and I’m always willing to step outside my comfort zone and work in new environments.

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